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Dommu De Pedra

Dommu De Pedra

Studio flat in Baunei

30 m² | 1 sofa bed

Dear guests welcome to Baunei,

Dommu De Pedra is a studio flat is located in the historic center in a quiet street with a closed alley. The central location allows you to reach each service in 2 minutes. In fact, just 60 meters away you will reach the central square of the town.
There is a sofa bed, bathroom and kitchen at your disposal. The presence of the balcony will make you appreciate the spectacular view of the valley.

  • house on the first floor of about 30 square meters
  • 1 sofa bed
  • Kitchen
  • a bathroom
  • a panoramic balcony
  • Washing machine
  • air conditioning

</p> <h3>Studio flat in the Historic Center</h3> <p>

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